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You wake up inside this weird swampy like forest, to see some odd shape looking at you. Then, you put your hands in front of you to push the thing away, to notice your hands are not hands. But hooves! You notice the mysterious shape is starting to get up, you wonder what it is going to do. "Hi!" "Ma' names Zack!" He puts his hoof out, expecting a hoof shake. To be friendly, you shake his hoof. "What's your name?" Says 'Zack'. "M-my names Austin." You say. "Glad to meet you Austin!" "Would you like me to show you around town?" Zack asked. "Sure"
Later, about mid-day, you finally make it to town. To be instantly greeted by a pink pony. This pink pony grabbed you, put you sitting on the ground, "Stay right here!" The energetic pony said. Once she came back, she was dragging a wagon behind her. She started to sing. The wagon was shooting confetti and sparkles every where. Soon enough, a piece of cake was launched from a stove and landed in your lap and confetti was launched in the air. "Hi, welcome to Ponyville! My names Pinkie! I hope we can be the bestist of friends in the hole wide world! Whats your name!" Pinkie said. "My names Austin." "Glad to meet you Austin! I can see we are being the best friends ever!" Zack came up behind you and poked your back. "So, how'd you like the welcome wagon?" "It seemed funny." You say in return. "So, Zack. Where do ya' live?" "I live in the Everfree forest. I am Zecora's apprentice." "Who's Zecora?" You asked confused. "Come on, I'll show you!" As you are walking to the Everfree forest. You see a cottage. Theres a pony sitting by the window, it looks like she is having hard time trying to get something to eat a sala- *Crash* something hit you. You were able to get a glimpse of it as it was passing by, it had a rainbow mane. "Soorryy!" you heard as it was yelling back at you. You continue to walk with Zack to the Everfree forest. You see a small hut with a Zebra messing around a cauldron. She greeted in you with rhymes. "A new pony that my eyes see, but may I ask, how to greet thee?" "I am Austin, I'm new I guess." "You maybe, but how is thy new pony?" Zecora asked strangely. "Good, I guess. But I wasn't awlays looking like this. I don't know how I got here." As soon as you Finnish your sentence you hear a big crash at the door. And in came the rainbow mane pony. "Hey, sorry for hitting you earlier today." said the pony sympathetically. "Hey, my names Rainbow Dash, the best flyer in equestria! I haven't seen you around town, whats your name?" Dash asked, "My names Austin" "Austin? Thats a weird name." "Well, I'll be off!" Dash said. "Bye Dash." Zecora asked me to look. She took a little bag with some purple powder in it and put it in the cauldron, "I am trying to find out who you were before." Zecora said patiently. After about a few minutes, purple smoke burst-ed out of the cauldron. Nothing was in it. "What has happened? This has not come to before." 'Uhm, well, its getting late, I better go." Zack started to tell you "But you have no where to go. Where are you going to stay?" "Well, isn't this you're house?" You ask. "No, my house is about a mile away from here. Here, follow me!"
Thederpys Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is Good :D I really like That you put the reader in to the story, Itīs an most good way to feel it :D ! Much love from here !
Thederpys Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
P.s I added you on steam (Dy) :) hope you take it :D
EquestrianPony Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
I did c: Thanks!
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